The wear and care is the often overlooked component of the garment lifecycle. Why is this part of the cycle so important you may wonder. First, it will never be environmentally beneficial to replace something that currently exists. Secondly its estimated that 60% of the total energy used in the lifetime of a tshirt is used during the wash phase. Here are some simple ways for you to contribute while reducing costs all while maintaining the quality of any garment.

Machine wash instead of dry cleaning- dry cleaning is highly toxic and energy intensive. Most garments can be washed in cold, gentle cycle including woolen sweaters (see below)

Wash in 30c- wash all garments including white in cold water. Research by leading detergent manufacturers show that there is no benefit to wash in elevated temps with modern detergents.

Wash with environmentally friendly soaps- no phosphates.

Steam instead of iron.


Most woolen sweaters can be washed at home with care. 

•     Fill a basin with cool water. Add mild eco-friendty soap.
•     Place sweater in water and swirl gently.
•     Rinse. Drain the basin and gently press sweater to remove excess water- do not wring or twist.
•     Spread sweater on a thick, dry towel. Roll towel the way you would a yoga mat, pressing as you go. Do not twist towel.
•     Unroll. Lay sweater on a dry towel on a flat, waterproof surface. Reshape sweater.
•     Spread arms out straight, push ribbing together, align collar and button any buttons. If there is a belt, dry it separately.
•     When the front is dry flip and repeat.
•     Once dry, your sweater should be ready to wear.
•     If needed steam lightly to remove wrinkles.


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When it comes time to finally remove something from your wardrobe please consider donation, recycling or other uses.